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This direct sales company relies on independent Associates who sell two products: MCA, motor club memberships marketed to the general public, and TVC Pro-Driver, prepaid legal for truck drivers. 
The existing Associate site was hopelessly out of date, and the two products had no website support, leaving Associates to create their own websites.

This site was created for Associates selling both products offered by TVC Marketing. While each product is marketed in different environments - MCA is primarily sold online and Pro-Driver is sold at truck stop kiosks - the Associates' reporting needs are the same.

This site is a mobile-first project developed in an Agile environment, and the immediate needs were to migrate information from the previous outdated site and to allow Associates to sign up online. We then proceeded to grow the content. Every step was user tested to ensure usability.

  • Home page


    The home page targets prospective Associates. 


    Each product is marketed in different environments - MCA is primarily sold online and Pro-Driver is sold at truck stop kiosks - but Associates' reporting needs are identical.

    The immediate need was to allow Associates to sign up online. The online signup was vital, as Associates were incorrectly offering the selling opportunity with a monthly fee, which was actually the motor club membership. That practice had to cease immediately and the new site had to clearly convey that there is no cost to sell. 

  • Pre-Registration

    To help alleviate the issue with current Associates incorrectly marketing the opportunity, we added a "Before You Register" page that explicitly explains what new Associates can expect from registration. 

    "It's free!" verbiage was added any place prospects could click to register, FAQ, videos reiterating that there's no charge to sign up as an Associate and site content discussing registration.

  • Registration

    Since the audience wasn't often technologically savvy and had many questions, the registration process needed to be simple and reassuring. Steps were added so they knew exactly where they were in the process. Their sponsor's info displays at the top, along with a photo. We added help throughout, including what to do if info was incorrect and the reasons we were asking for specific info. 

    Lock icons and a trust certificate helps users understand their sensitive info is protected


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