Users deserve an advocate who can expertly balance their needs with the business' objectives. And businesses deserve creative solutions that accomplish their goals.


That's what I do.

Hi, I'm Keleigh Milliorn,

a smart, passionate, creative leader.

Users deserve an advocate who can expertly balance their needs with the business' objectives. And businesses deserve creative solutions that accomplish their goals.


That's what I do.

Hi, I'm Keleigh Milliorn,

a smart, passionate, creative leader.



A digital experience that doesn't answer the needs of the user won't be effective.


With research, planning, testing & years of experience, I create solid experiences that delight the user & satisfy the business' objectives.

I advocate for users.

Site Maps & Work Flows

Clickable, Responsive Prototypes

User Testing

Heuristic & Competitive Analysis

Stakeholder & User Interviews

Content Matrixes

Feature Development & Future Planning

Data Analysis

Lean UX in Agile Environment

Personas & User Paths

Business Requirements



I started in graphic design & photography before Information Architecture & User Experience became an actual thing.


I never abandoned those first loves & have continued in smaller shops where they need someone to wear a lot of hats.


I love hats.

Creative Briefs

Responsive Design

Visual Design


Photo Editing


Copy Editing

Print Design 

Style Guides & Patterns

YouTube Management

Video Editing

WordPress Development



Sometimes it's the little things that make someone the perfect fit.


These are my little things. 

(I'm also pretty funny. Laughing is important.)

Exceptional Brainstormer

Creative Innovator

Avid Learner

Curious Researcher

Considerate Lead

Passionate Self Starter

Confident Presenter

Big Picture Thinker

Detail-Oriented Perfectionist

Principled Manager

Excellent Communicator

IT Whisperer


This isn't my first rodeo. 


With more than 25 years experience, I've worked on myriad projects for wildly varying industries from Restaurants to Pro Sports to Pharmaceuticals to Retailers to Direct Sales to Underwear.

It's been interesting.

Responsive Websites​ & Landing Pages

Mobile Apps


Business Development Pitches

Portals & SaaS


Knowledge Bases


Social Media

Digital & Print Ads

Product Development

B2B & B2C



Specific projects

Here's a taste of my work.     (There's LOTS more - I'd love to show you.)

Direct Sales, Associate Site

Direct sales company offering independent Associates the opportunity to sell two products: motor club memberships and prepaid trucker's insurance. 

This mobile-first site was developed in a true Agile environment. The immediate needs were to migrate information from an outdated site, enable online registration, and disseminate information to ease the overburdened call center. 


We then grew the content, including dashboards and data reports for a non-technical audience. Every significant step was user tested to ensure clarity.

· UX and design of new Associate site and Wordpress blog site.

· Pain point analysis through interviews, help requests, call and chat transcripts and analytics. Developed learnings into customer intentions and new copy, FAQ, CSR scripts, blog posts and videos. Laid groundwork for automated knowledge base.

- LeanUX and rapid deployment using Agile methodology and Kanban board. 

TVC Marketing: Analysis & Strategy

Thumbnails open larger images, descriptions & links

TVC Marketing: UX & Design

Thumbnails open larger images, descriptions & links

TVC Marketing

Direct Sales, Member Sites

MCA & Pro-Driver

MCA: UX & Design

Thumbnails open larger images, descriptions & links

Pro-Driver Kiosk Design

Thumbnails open larger images & descriptions

The position supported two direct sales products, one for motor club memberships and the second for prepaid insurance for truck drivers.

These mobile-first sites helped prospects understand what they would receive with their membership by filling the gaps left by the Associates selling the product. Prospects could pick a plan and sign up for their selected membership.


The two sites were designed identically to speed development and deployment. 

· UX, visual design and some copywriting for new sites.


· UX, visual design and copywriting for new sales funnel landing pages and on-site selling kiosk.

· Redesign of outdated membership cards.

- Rapid online user testing of all projects and updates prior to launch.

Pizza Hut

First iPhone App for Pizza Ordering

While ordering pizza on your phone is ubiquitous today, this award-winning app was the first of its kind. 

Taking advantage of then-unique iPhone features, we turned ordering from Pizza Hut into a fun experience, including stretching and pinching to select pizza size, dragging and dropping toppings onto the pizza, and shaking the phone to coat wings with your selected sauce. A pizza delivery game that steered, accelerated and decelerated with the angle of the phone helped users pass the time as they waited for their delivery.


A visual representation of the completed pizza helped build trust that their order would be correct. 

This app was featured in the App Store and television commercials. Sales topped $1 million in the first three months alone.

Mobile Device Manufacturer

Partner Portal

This partner portal is a responsive design for a manufacturer who produces mobile devices. It is intended for dealers and salespersons to discover more about new devices and programs, and to track their sales and rewards.


The clickable wireframes are responsive with the layout reorganizing as the browser window is resized.

An additional reporting portal was included so management could track the performance of each incentive program. This portal was customized for the role of the viewer.


ABOUt Keleigh


My passion is making digital experiences intuitive and functional. From websites to mobile apps and everything in between, I consider the user's perspective and marry it with the company's goals and requirements. 

My career began in design and progressed into creative direction. Since my focus was usability, I transitioned naturally into a UX role. 


This creative background uniquely positions me to champion the needs of the user while providing an exciting online experience. This delicate balance has been evident in the work I've produced for several agencies, including imc2, Click Here, Tracy Locke,, Rockfish Interactive and RAPP, as well as my own freelance company.

Ideas are my forte. Because more brains are better than one, I love collaborating in a team environment. Everyone brings a unique perspective to the table and those viewpoints need to be heard and considered. In addition to managing teams, I play well with others.  

​Having worked extensively in Agile environments using a Kanban board to track tasks, I'm comfortable in "try and fail early" environments & launching with MVPs. 

I've shaped groundbreaking and award-winning projects, including Pizza Hut’s first iPhone Application, GSK’s alli and alliCircles community, Procter & Gamble’s Secret Antiperspirant digital presences, Campbell Soup Company’s Community and ABC’s Monday Night Football.

Marquee brands I've worked on include Verizon, Pepsico, Samsung, Fruit of the Loom, T.G.I. Friday's, GameStop, GSK, Iams, Eukanuba, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America, Omni Hotels, Blockbuster, Walmart, Sam’s Club, the Art Institutes, 3M & Pepperidge Farms.

Let's talk!  I'd love to collaborate.

I'm a huge
Dallas Stars fan

Have you ever seen the "sign lady" at a Stars game?

That's me. 

The Stars even featured my signs on a video this year. 

Have ticket, will travel

Wherever it is, I'm ready to go.

Europe, Guatemala, Honduras, Tahiti, Turkey, Texas... I've loved exploring everywhere. 

My dogs are awesome

They're all rescues. And maybe a little bit spoiled.

Rou was born a street dog, Wyatt was found with 86 other dogs in a hoarding situation, and Kona was just wandering around.

Beach volleyball
is my game

We've been playing longer than

I want to admit.

We're not half bad...

we're half good.

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